About First cosmetics

First cosmetics was established in 1998 with an object of importing hair care products and beauty salons equipments.
the company started its activity as a professional and an expert company in this field. this gives the improving and its credibility in the competitive market by making a satisfactory clients network.
the company started to expand its activity as an investment to its stuff's experience.
completing to its success journey and acting in accordance with its clients first cosmetics has been established a plant for producing and manufacturing all hair care products and make up within the latest technology and the update forumlas using high performance raw materials from italy and european countries.

Manufactured products
• Hair Way line: A complete line of coloring and hair care products consist of bleaching powder
oxygen with different volumes, shampoo, balsam and conditioner cream.

• Blob: This line created for professional use which meets all hairdressers’ needs and
requirements by group of products formulated only for their performance.

• Head Way line: This line concerning skin care consists of skin cream with different size ( scrubs
cream +whitening cream + Peel off mask).

• Body Way: Full range of shower gel with & different extracts and fragrances.

• Depi wax : The safest system of depilation can be used to satisfy the requirement of Egyptian
woman.(Deplation wax -Oil after waxing-waxing tissues)

• Natacha: The name of the beauty can be obtained by Natacha make up line(Nail polish and
Nail polish remover )




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First Cosmetics Egypt. 4 Abdel-Hadi st., El Manial, Cairo, Egypt.

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